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Over 30 countries, the users are investing in the Coinbase and they receive the compensation for using the coinbase. It is considered to be the largest broker for the bitcoin. Many methods for the payment such as SEPA transfer and interact online can be joined to the bank account for the users to purchase. There are many advantages such as it has high liquidity and there is a certain limit to buy. You can buy the bitcoin instantly with the credit card back up and it is a very easy way to buy.
Is coinbase safe?
As the coinbase is found to be the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world and therefore it will doubt for the customers about its safety. You can find more about this in the crypto soft review. The coinbase is maintained by the company of the bitcoin and it is headed in SanFrancisco and they are backed by the investors who are trusted one. There is an offer available for the wallet, developer and the exchange.
Working of the coinbase
It is very simple for the first time investors to purchase the bitcoins. By using the credit card and also a debit card or by the bank transfer method, the buyers can purchase the coinbase depending upon the country. For the currency deposit in coinbase account, it is found to free. For every purchase, coinbase charges fees about 1.49%. About $1000 worth of bitcoin is enabled per week for the instant purchase of the coinbase.