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Coffee and Specialty Bakery—1500 Western Avenue, Seattle

by Karen on April 3rd, 2014

Coffee and Specialty Bakery Seattle


Last week my son was home for spring break so we decided to visit Coffee and Specialty Bakery on Western Avenue, (the street just below the Pike Place Market).  It’s a dedicated gluten free bakery with a focus on pastries in the European style: Palmiers, Baguettes, Eclairs, Cinnamon rolls.

Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

I met the owner Tanya who trained at the Seattle Culinary Academy.  While in school she decided to explore the world of gluten free for a nutritional project and made it her own personal challenge and mission to develop fine baked goods using only gluten free ingredients.  I didn’t ask her to spill any baking secrets but she CLEARLY knows what she is doing with the two items I have tasted so far: eclairs and cinnamon rolls.  Not only does Tanya bake quality but the fact that she operates a dedicated gluten free facility is really important, it is worth driving a distance to try her baked goods!

Our next brunch will include her eclairs, I didn’t get a great photo of them– but they are superb– this photo shows them on the left.

The chocolate eclairs are superb!


Visit the Pike Place Market

Spring and summer in Seattle = houseguests
This means a trip to the Pike Place Market.

Do yourself a favor and park your car in the huge parking garage across the street from Coffee and Specialty Bakery,  1500 Western Ave.  Stop by and order a coffee and pastry, something you can easily eat and walk with as you explore the market.  Stop back again on your way to the car and get items to-go.  Our houseguests always need special Seattle treats to enjoy and I promise you that Coffee and Specialty Bakery will be a huge gluten free find!  You will be the hero!

There are only outdoor tables at the bakery so on a sunny day you can sit and enjoy your treats.  When we visited we were lucky to be there just as a batch of cinnamon rolls were coming out of the oven….heaven!

Here is a link to their website for photos of their gorgeous cinnamon rolls.    Tanya has cracked the code on gluten free cinnamon rolls (and eclairs) and the best part:  all you have to do is enjoy them!!

Gluten Free Palmiers

I am pretty sure that the elevator located just to the right of the bakery takes you straight up into the Pike Place Market.

Now you have your plan set for a great day at the Market.


  1. We can’t speak enough good about this superb find in Seattle! My son has recently been diagnosed with celiac and our family is now gluten free. He found this bakery on-line before we traveled to Seattle and our only disappointment is that we didn’t go sooner during our stay! We could have eaten there every morning! They cinnamon rolls are beyond fabulous and the breakfast egg tart with bacon is second to none! The owners are the nicest ever — this place is a real gem!

    . . .and you’re right — the elevators take you right up to Pike’s market, dropping you by the bathrooms, where you can wash your hands after licking the delicious cinnamon filling from your fingers!

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