Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake for Two

by Karen on January 25th, 2013

Update: March 2014–Mama Ks GF Bakery is on hiatus
I have been working on Mama Ks Gluten Free Bakery Valentine’s Day offerings these past few days so I will taunt you with the first item now…..Chocolate.

And not just any chocolate! This is a cake made with intensely rich, flavorful, aromatic cocoa from Switzerland.  It’s called Felchlin and I normally use it when making chocolate truffles but thought it would make our chocolate cake extra special and it does.  My supplier says you could even eat the cocoa with a spoon if you wanted to!

The cake is made with our special flour mix, espresso, buttermilk, decadent cocoa, there is a raspberry filling and a ganache style frosting.  Order yours soon as the calendar fills quickly and we have limited production.

It was a beautiful day for photographing food today, here are a few looks……..


inside look at gluten free chocolate cake with raspberry filling, look at that crumb




Where is my glass of milk? or for the lactose intolerant my glass of Syrah!

Actually I would pair this with Syrah for sure, a good bottle for under $15 is the 2009 Corfini Cellars Syrah.  It tastes like the big boys at a very affordable price!

The chocolate cake recipe for Valentine’s Day is made with a lot of care with selecting ingredients to make the chocolate cake in a moist condition. Buttermilk is used in making the cake to keep it soft and moist and moreover, the flavor is also given by the butter and the oil. You can also add the egg yolk to make the cake moist.
If you want to have your chocolate cake moist means over baking should be avoided. If the temperature of the oven is high means the cake will be dry and crumble. The hot liquid of coffee is added to make the chocolate cake as it will make the cocoa powder to bloom and the chocolate flavor is developed inside the cake. If you want to make chocolate cupcake visit the official site to get the delicious recipes.

The cake is a 6-inch round sliced and filled with raspberry jam then covered in a ganache style frosting, just perfect to enjoy all by yourself or to share with one.

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