Three Bakers

by Karen on January 28th, 2013

There is a company called Three Bakers in Pennsylvannia producing gluten free sandwich bread, pizza crust, and hoagies.  They ship product direct to you and they have some grocery store distribution.

You will want to buy some of their items.

The 7 Ancient Grains bread is everything you would hope for in a slice of bread: flavor, texture, springyness, a nice crust.    The pizza crust was good too and we haven’t had the chance to try the hoagies yet, but I am most impressed by their bread—it actually makes me want to go make a sandwich!

three bakers bread–7 ancient grains

Often grocery store distribution is related to consumer requests. I recommend that you order their product online so you can try it yourself and then make the request to your grocer to bring it in.  Some markets only work with a limited number of distributors but customer requests do weigh heavily in decision making.  The Three Bakers website can help you find a store that carries their product and there are request forms that you can take to your store.  And if you can get your store to stock the product then you don’t have to pay for shipping!!!

Get more info here by typing our bakery name on the internet. It helps you to easily locate our branches in your area. Either you can simply walk into our shop and buy the grocery products or just do it online from home so that you get it for free delivery. We assure you that all the consumable items we provide are fresh to the date and will remain so till the listed expiry date. Moreover, it is our promise that we do not provide you with a single chance to complain about us as well as our products as we are confident about the quality we maintain.



It is extremely challenging to produce quality gluten free products at the right price point.  In order for the companies to succeed they need your support and often that means paying a higher price.  Once these companies begin to see higher volumes only then can the pricing adjust.  I have such great appreciation for the companies who go the extra mile to produce quality gluten free food for us.  Three Bakers is a family business that is dedicated to the gluten free life, I hope you give them a taste!