Sour Cream Coffee Cake

by Karen on November 29th, 2010

We celebrate Christmas. We depend upon the wonderful pine smell of the tree, decorating cookies with our kids, and the smell of something delicious in the oven, all of which gives us that special feeling of home, belonging, and love. The food we prepare each year around a special holiday is expected and if somehow forgotten… greatly missed by at least someone in the family. Some traditions are long standing while others happen unexpectedly one year and become a part of all future holidays.  This past Thanksgiving I learned that we have to have mashed potatoes, no other potato dish will be quite right.

Having family together is a wonderful feeling, especially when it is a festival season it adds up to the happiness. Cooking and making sweets and baking has always been so special during such days. All the good moments are captured and made into a blog which is handled by our family, sneak a peek here to find some for the beautiful moments.

One family tradition that we have is hunting down our tree together with long time friends and their children who are the same ages as ours.  We now have high school and college students and it is still as important as ever to them.

The hunt is on for the perfect tree.

This causes us a bit of a challenge though now that two are in college.  We either have to get the tree over the Thanksgiving break (which we didn’t anticipate until it was too late this year) or wait until they return mid-December.  This year we won’t be able to get the tree until one week before Christmas, but I will do all the other decorating before that –it’s a long time to wait for a tree.

Each year we visit a different tree farm (though we have made repeat visits to particularly nice farms).  Last year we found one that didn’t have a huge selection but the amenities were so nice we may have to go back.  We need a small tree or a skinny tree this year anyway to fit it into the small space in the living room at our rental house.  The tree farm is owned by some very nice people and they had a great fire to warm cold hands, hopefully there will be snow.

Gluten Free Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Years ago I decided to bake a gluten-free sour cream coffee cake for this annual outing. I figured that since I had perfected the recipe our friends would never notice the difference. As it turns out they all loved it and their kids request it each year.

Gluten free Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Last year I made one for this outing and another a week later for our Christmas morning traditional coffee cake.  That was just too much coffee cake in one week so this year I will change that tradition and surprise the kids with gluten free blueberry muffins to go along with our tailgate tree-hunting brunch.

What is funny about the whole thing is they love the gluten free sour cream coffee cake and crave it each year even though noone in our friends’ family needs to eat gluten free.  To me that is the highest compliment – teenagers  disappointed when I don’t bake.  A testament to the methods and flours used I guess.

I am sure what I must do is make two coffee cakes on Christmas eve, one for us and one for them.  You may want to try this recipe this year and start your own tradition.

For Christmas morning we make some homemade cappuccinos, scrambled eggs, orange juice, and serve it all up with this coffee cake. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

My husband discovered a secret ingredient for dense cakes. If he is adapting a regular recipe to GF he doubles the amount of baking powder and has success every time. And of course you must use the Multi-Blend Gluten-Free Flour Mix for the best results.

Please comment below about your favorite family tradition and on December 15th I will send to the one I like best a set of the new Cooking Gluten-Free! notecards. It’s a set of 8 cards.

Watercolor notecards from the book Cooking Gluten-Free!