Queen Anne Farmer’s Market–Pie Today

by Karen on September 30th, 2010

Apple Pie

Watch for me at the Queen Anne Farmer’s Market pie contest today. After the judging at 6pm I can give slices to those who stop by…..while it lasts.

My pie entry will be my favorite….gluten free Apple Pie.

This might be one of the last weekends that you can attend farmers markets as the weather is changing, make plans to attend and join the fun.

Hope to meet you there!


Update: Against 10 wheat crusted pies mine came in 4th–not bad. I did, however, in my rush to get the pie baked, forget to add more sugar. Normally we serve our apple pie at home with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream so I go light on the sugar–once you have a scoop of ice cream there you want the pie to be light on the sweetness. Still I think 4th place was respectable considering…..

My apple pie for Queen Anne Farmers Market contest

My pie is lower right corner #6.

The interesting thing about this contest is there were savory pies as well as dessert pies. 9 wheat based pies and my gluten free pie—so many categories to consider. A little bump on the sweetness factor and who knows what would have happened. The one challenge about a pie contest is you can’t taste your own pie before you submit it so you have no idea what it tastes like this time –and no two are ever the same.

My favorite part of the day was meeting Kate McDermott. She has taught wheat crusted pie classes for years in Seattle and has an amazing following. She was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance and cannot eat her own pies. She has started using my recipes for the pies she bakes for herself and loves the results. When she told me this yesterday I almost cried. What a compliment! We are going to get together and bake soon to see what kind of new ideas we might develop for you.

Queen Anne Farmers Market flowers

The beautiful vegetable stands.

The beauty of going to a farmer’s market day is that you get the chance to buy all that you like fresh right from vegetables to flowers.Read this post here to know about the dates of the farmer’s market days in this year.

All I needed was one of my gluten free scones for walking around and enjoying the market. (post with recipe below) For more details on the pie contest…