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Sep 14 15

Pumpkin Bread

by Karen

gluten free pumpkin bread/muffin
I didn’t think this day would ever come, but I am posting one of our all-time favorite recipes for the pumpkin bread we used to sell at farmers market! read more…

Aug 28 15

Pasta Primavera

by Karen

pasta primervera, gluten free

Such an easy summertime meal.

We’ve made pasta primavera for years, but lately I had to change it up a bit which led to a new version of this recipe for us. read more…

Aug 7 15

Gluten Free Product Recommendations

by Karen

Now that we have a new baby in the house again I am all about dinner real fast — we have been exploring gluten free prepared foods. read more…

Jun 3 15

Pork Fried Rice

by Karen



gluten free pork fried rice


As we struggle to figure out what to make for dinner each night often some of the easiest meals are forgotten. read more…

May 17 15

Blackened Fish Tacos

by Karen

blackened gluten free fish tacos

Fish tacos are a frequent meal at our house because they are pretty quick and very good. I have married two recipes together for this. read more…

Apr 29 15

Bacon Jam

by Karen

bacon jam grilled cheese sandwich


What is not to love about the taste of bacon? read more…

Apr 8 15

Roasted Chicken Provencal

by Karen




I love reading the newspaper, especially on Sunday, it’s an excuse to enjoy breakfast and coffee before rushing off into the day.

Although it means I have to get up a bit earlier to savor this ritual, it’s worth it.

This past week this gorgeous recipe was featured and…… man, is it easy and delicious! read more…

Apr 2 15

Breton Gluten Free Crackers

by Karen



It isn’t often that I brag on a product.

And no one has paid me to do so either.  read more…

Mar 16 15

Kusak Crystal Vintage Sale

by Karen



Pieces from Kusak Vintage Crystal Sale

Pieces from Kusak’s Vintage Crystal Sale


I love to shop estate sales and set a gorgeous table affordably.  For me the best part of this kind of shopping is the hunt.

Treasure is often found at a fraction of the cost and the quality of each piece brings years of enjoyment.  read more…

Mar 14 15

Mark your Calendar–Vintage Sale

by Karen
 gold rimmed mid-century modern glasses

gold rimmed mid-century modern glasses


I have a long-time friend hosting an incredible vintage crystal sale soon.

The place is full of gorgeous wine glasses and champagne glasses starting at $12 each (a steal, usually $60+) fancier ones are around $20. The sparkle of real crystal vs. glass amazed me.

Mark your calendar, sale starts March 19 at 9am, and the best selection will be in the early days.  I will post more photos in a few days and Seattle location.

Lots of vintage gifts too vases, bowls, colored glass, even chandeliers.

Many of these items have been packed away for decades!