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Madison Park

This quiet neighborhood is a great starting point for a bike ride along Lake Washington Blvd to Seward Park. the road goes along the lake and you ride along with the car traffic so if that doesn’t bother you it’s a pretty ride. Or plan to ride on Bicycle Sundays through the summer –they close the street to car traffic from Mt Baker Beach to Seward Park.

Madison Park is also close to the Arboretum, the Japanese Botanical Gardens, and is an easy area to walk for coffee in the morning. If you stay in Madison Park you are a short drive to some of the great new restaurants for dinner on Capitol Hill.


Not many GF options overall but they have a cute little grocery store and places for coffee plus:

Cactus–gluten free menu and lots of locals love this place. They have a great spicy Caesar salad (without the croutons) and the side of grilled chicken is really good.

Café Flora–a vegetarian restaurant near the arboretum that understands gluten free. All items are marked on the menu.


Restaurant notation:

Seattle has a lot of “gluten free” people– so restaurants understand the diet to some degree– but to clarify your risk of possible cross contamination you should ask questions because every place seems to have their own definition. We have successfully dined at most of these places without issue, those we haven’t tried are so noted.