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Interbay-a great Airbnb value

This area includes the far west side of Queen Anne to the far east side of Magnolia. The homes on both hills face the train yard. The trains can be noisy at times but it is also an area where you can find some of the best Air bnb values due to it’s proximity to downtown, Ballard, Fremont, and ease of public transit use. The area is filled with apartments/condos and home to many young professionals. There are a variety of breweries and distilleries located here that offer tastings along Elliot Ave West.

I live in this area right now while our house is being remodeled. It’s a bit grittier than the other surrounding areas but the access to public transportation is a huge plus and the whole area offers free parking. (Many people never seem to move their cars from their on street parking, they just take the bus.) The Metro Bus Trip Planner allows you to plug in your starting point and destination to see the best bus routes to use.


Time for Pho–we like their chicken pho and also their fresh tofu or shrimp spring rolls.

There is also a Whole Foods store in Interbay so you can stock up on gluten free items there.


Restaurant notation:

Seattle has a lot of “gluten free” people– so restaurants understand the diet to some degree– but to clarify your risk of possible cross contamination you should ask questions because every place seems to have their own definition. We have successfully dined at most of these places without issue, those we haven’t tried are so noted.