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Just north of Wallingford, enjoy the 2.8 mile walk around the lake. Lots of runners, bikers, skaters and walkers use the path and you will often find people playing volleyball or soccer or rugby in the nearby field. Homes are bungalows and new construction for young professionals and families. A number of restaurants ring the lake on the north and east side:


Greenlake Bar and Grill is a favorite due to its’ location and outdoor seating. They understand gluten free well–my daughter used to work there and says the kitchen does it right.

Dukes–the owner has a daughter with gluten intolerance so they have a GF menu, let them know you are sensitive to gluten.

Nell’s –is fine dining and should be able to handle any dietary restrictions. Nell’s has been a part of the Greenlake neighborhood since 1999


Restaurant notation:

Seattle has a lot of “gluten free” people– so restaurants understand the diet to some degree– but to clarify your risk of possible cross contamination you should ask questions because every place seems to have their own definition. We have successfully dined at most of these places without issue, those we haven’t tried are so noted.