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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ebook and how do I receive it?

A fast, friendly way to get curated recipes that you can trust, instantly.
It’s simple, you open a PDF, something you do everyday at work.

We use SendOwl, a company that has simplified the whole process into three easy steps:

Step 1 Buy, using your debit or credit card or PayPal account.
Step 2 Go to your email Inbox and open “Cooking Gluten Free Purchases” to get the download link.
Step 3 Click the link and choose “Save Download”, then you can view it or email it to your other devices. (send it to your phone for easy shopping)

You also get to share the download with two other people!

(it’s readable on computer, iPad, iPhone, or other mobile devices).

Are there other ways to save the ebook?

While the file is open on the iPhone or iPad, tap the Share button at the top of the screen and touch the Open in iBooks button (or Dropbox, Adobe Reader, or any other favorite file reader). This will then save it to that app. You can also email or Message/AirDrop your file to another device if you wish by using the same Share button. More instructions here.

How do I use the ebook?

Simply open the file and scroll thru each page or go to table of contents page and click on the recipe you want to see.  Save it to your device and take your recipes to the grocery store for easy shopping.

Does every recipe have a full color photo?

Yes, you can see exactly what you plan to cook, every recipe is photographed and gorgeous.

Is there a printed copy of the book?

Sorry, Cooking Gluten Free for the Holidays is sold as an ebook but every page is easily printed on your computer.

Are the recipes easy?

Yes, even our college-aged kids use these recipes.

Do I need to use your flour mix?

No, you may use any gluten free flour mix that you prefer, though we recommend using our carefully tested recipes and Multi Blend mix for the best results. sells our flour mix or you may mix our Multi Blend Gluten Free Flour Mix in 5 minutes.

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