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Over 30 countries, the users are investing in the Coinbase and they receive the compensation for using the coinbase. It is considered to be the largest broker for the bitcoin. Many methods for the payment such as SEPA transfer and interact online can be joined to the bank account for the users to purchase. There are many advantages such as it has high liquidity and there is a certain limit to buy. You can buy the bitcoin instantly with the credit card back up and it is a very easy way to buy.
Is coinbase safe?
As the coinbase is found to be the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world and therefore it will doubt for the customers about its safety. You can find more about this in the crypto soft review. The coinbase is maintained by the company of the bitcoin and it is headed in SanFrancisco and they are backed by the investors who are trusted one. There is an offer available for the wallet, developer and the exchange.
Working of the coinbase
It is very simple for the first time investors to purchase the bitcoins. By using the credit card and also a debit card or by the bank transfer method, the buyers can purchase the coinbase depending upon the country. For the currency deposit in coinbase account, it is found to free. For every purchase, coinbase charges fees about 1.49%. About $1000 worth of bitcoin is enabled per week for the instant purchase of the coinbase.


In the present-day world, the simple term ‘Bitcoin forks’ is gaining much popularity and is usually taken as a great topic of discussion in the cryptocurrency field. Actually, these forks refer to the hardcore changes brought about in the bitcoin protocols which may support or else contradict the prevailing rules. Further, these forks decide which cryptocurrency rules are to stand forever and which goes invalid. Thus, these cryptocurrency forks are nothing but the protocol upgrades that are generated slowly over time.
Classification of bitcoin forks
Mostly, there exist two main categories of forks that fascinate the bitcoin enthusiasts. This includes
• The soft fork
• The hard fork
Even though both of these forks have the immense power to bring profound changes to the underlying fundamental protocols, there is an essential difference between these varieties.
• The Soft type of bitcoin fork is such a rule change that exhibits the property of backward compatibility. This means the fresh rules can still be made interoperable with the legacy protocol.
• Alternate to this method, the hard type prefers to generate a rule variation to the software which has no backward compatibility. This further indicates that a hard fork really makes a permanent split from the prevailing legacy ruling segment of the blockchain.
From the beginning, the bitcoin blockchain has experienced these forks several times over the process of the technology upgrades. Even the Ethereum creator made a remarkable statement about the occurrence of these forks. Once, the blockchain actually split up into two, where the first half continued accumulating blocks to one version of the network while the other part starting adding to the other segment. And the result of this was truly amazing that lasted for nearly six to seven hours. There were two bitcoin networks operating efficiently at the same time with a self-version of transaction history.
During the course of time, the blockchain witnessed several forks during the bitcoin cash split but gradually the miners were able to limit the block quantity to nearly one MB size. Thus, the transaction number a block can hold was successfully under control but with the passage of time, the network has become more congested and people are demanding for the proper scaling of the blockchain so that it accommodates more people. So, currently, to resolve this issue, the network has started to pay a rate to the respective miners that maintain an exponential increase per year. This rate varies from $0.02 per transaction and can go up to $7-10 as per the demand.Click here now to know the current rate.

Financial erosion


Erosion in general terms means corrosion of the existing features of anything. The same goes with financial erosion which means it will result in depletion of assets, profits or anything related to a business. It can negatively impact on the company’s assets and funds. It is often considered to be a risk factor for an organization and its cash management system. There are also chances of erosion with financial assets such as options contracts or warrants that decline in value with time.

When does erosion occur?

This happens mainly with longer downward trends, those which are accelerating, whereas the short termed ones are listed as nonrecurrent losses. Usually, depreciation and natural depletion are considered to be common in terms of downward trends. Broadly this erosion can be classified into 3 types that are discussed here:

  • Profit erosion: This refers to how funds in a business get routed towards a new business. though usually, managers consider these funds as a means of investment that flows into a business, the short-term effect is usually an erosion of cash flow. The risk involved in erosion is always reflected in the company’s profit margins because the money is used in areas that may or may not be profitable in the future. Also, in some other instances of profit erosion are when sales are comparable to previous levels, cost or product production rises, the cost of materials and labor increases but sales is not more. Thus it is important to monitor the profit erosion closely.
  • Sales erosion: the steady long-term decline in overall sales will be leading to sales erosion. This doesn’t include the temporary sales declines, but these are the ones which show long-term trends. The reasons for sales erosion are the new entrants in the product market, price reduction because of competition and certain technology advancements in the product development phase.
  • Asset erosion: though there is a normal asset depreciation which occurs in due course, sometimes the asset loses value due to general depreciation and also due to technological advances in terms of new uses to the asset with added features. Such kind of losses will impact the business in a way that it will show a reduction in the book value of assets. Thus these need to closely monitor to prevent long-term

Go to this website that will give you more related experiences from finance blogs related to erosion and its impact on financial economies.

5 Important Attributes Of An Individual To Be Free From Debts

5 Important Attributes Of An Individual To Be Free From Debts

Being debt free is like a blessing in the present scenario, since at least once in their lifetime, some individual may have faced the difficulty of having debts.  It is a rare case where no individual is with any debts in their career and they are not superhuman but possess certain traits or attributes which made them stay away from the debts.

When you look at the common individual, the debt amount varies according to his income level, as and when their income increases, their debts also increases since they don’t have the ability of proper planning and executing them in an effective manner.  Finally, they end up with increased debts and suffer to find ways to get relieved from the debts.  But there are few individuals who have some qualities within them which make them free from debts.

A full report can be obtained from various sources about the common traits and attributes of the debt-free individual and this article will help you to give a glimpse of it;

  • Goal-oriented: When you observe the debt-free people, they are goal-oriented and stick to the goals to be achieved often and run hard to achieve these goals in their lifetime.  Usually, they have clear and definite goals to be achieved and work hard to achieve it.  Regarding the financial goals, they will be very clear about their goals and one among them is not to be a trap in the hands of debts.  They will be very clear from the perspective of debts.
  • Disciplined: They have a clear budget either monthly or yearly so that they follow the budget with the utmost sincerity and they will never bypass the rules framed by them.  They strictly adhere to the rules they are following all these days and they will never try to cross their limits.
  • Smart: The financial planning will be done in a proper way either they possess adequate knowledge about the financial securities or they are free to get the advice of the financial advisor and make smart moves in terms of investment so that they gain maximum benefits for their investment.  They also try to assure the financial goals to be achieved in the right way without having any debts in their career.
  • Patient and responsible: They seem to be calm and patient and also responsible.  They find the difference between the need and desire so that they are able to meet the basic needs rather than the desire.  They will be responsible for allocating the budget within the limit and try to satisfy the needs of the family too.
  • Secure: They have the attribute of not using any debts related items including credit cards since they may want to be secure in life with no debts.  If they have any desire, they try to have adequate cash in hand to purchase it rather than using credit cards.


Top Investment Trends in 2019

Top Investment Trends in 2019

People will not miss the following investments in 2019.  In fact, the following will be top investments in 2019:

  1. Stock market: Even during years of financial crisis the stock market growth was considerable.  In the future, the fintech companies would bring about improved modes of settling transactions.  These would bring further growth in employment, per capita income and economic growth.  People will not miss this opportunity to invest more in stocks.
  2. Cryptos: For the investors who get curious about newly introduced investment methods, they can jump with the joy of earning huge profits.  In fact, digital currency will eventually replace physical money and cards.  Cryptos have huge growth potential.  No one will think is it a safe option to use Bitcoin trader.  Cryptos will lead the show in 2019.
  3. Real estate: The occupiable land volume has shrunk in major cities.  This will hike the land prices.  Though real estate is in a downward trend in few nations during the current situation, it would boom in near future.  Real estate crowdfunding sites are gaining popularity.  This will ensure that real estate is one of the most wanted investment avenues.
  4. 4. Peer to peer lending: The rates of interest offered by banks have come to the floor.  Lots of investors have idle funds.  But they fear to take up other options of investment involving too much of risk.  Peer to peer lending gives the advantage of having spread.  Hence risk is low and earnings are more than the bank offered rate.
  5. Health insurance: People are becoming very health conscious.  The world has become a very inhabitable place to live in.  Pollution leads to various diseases.  Technology has improved health care methods and medication.  But still, it is becoming costlier.  The year 2019 would see a soar in the number of younger generation buying health insurance plans.  This is basically done by them to ensure they lead a medical-expense free life.
  6. Startup seed capital: Startups are rocking in all the sectors.  Presently they are struggling to get capital.  There is a lack of patrons.  But in near future, investors would realize the potential of startups.  There would be crowdfunding apps which would facilitate providing capital to startup ventures.  These would offer attractive returns.  They have good growth potential.  Hence financing startups would be a preferred investment in 2019.

Earlier we had traditional and limited investment choices.  In spite of poor returns, we had to subscribe them.  But the near future would bring many changes.


Simple Things to Know About Running a Successful Boutique Business

Simple Things to Know About Running a Successful Boutique Business

The shopping trend, particularly in clothing, has changed a lot in recent years because in past people always used to choose their clothes from general cloth shops, the choice of selection was less, customized goods concepts had not come into the thought of the people. But now the clothing concepts have become colorful, most people like to wear personalized items which suit them.  So the boutique business finds a place in the clothing industry. More women come into this business field because it is very easy to start and normally it is a small retail shop selling clothes, accessories or other goods to a specific group of customers. The main attractions of a boutique business are that it can be managed by a single person, and only a small amount of capital is required for starting this business. But above all the main motive to start a boutique is always the creativity and passion of the entrepreneur, so this type of business always brings job satisfaction. Another business trend which has emerged recently which also provides great job satisfaction is Bitcoin trader.

Important Things to keep in Mind before Starting a Boutique

Type of boutique

Every woman’s dream is to start a boutique but most of them are unaware of the types of boutiques which are existing in this field. Generally, the boutiques are divided into three types,

Consignment Boutique is a type of boutique in which the selling goods or products are manufactured by other manufacturers, and the profit is earned by the selling the product. The major advantage of consignment type is that it doesn’t need any initial capital for the inventory but the profit share will be low.

Buy and Sell Boutique is one kind of a boutique in which the business person buy goods from the manufacturer at a wholesale price and sell it to the customers with a high mark-up price. This type needs more initial capital for bulk purchase, but the profit is more than that as compared with the consignment model.

Franchisee Boutique has become more popular these days. This type of boutique is operating under a popular brand name and only sells that brand product only. The main advantage of this type boutique is that there is no need to do any advertisement for the product because brand awareness is already developed among the consumers. But the initial capital for starting a franchise is high and cannot be afforded by normal people.

Make a Good Business Plan

After making a decision on the type of boutique you want to open the very next important thing is to make a good business plan which includes, purpose of your business, source of funding, the location of the store, pricing of the item, selection of good team members, legal formalities, and marketing strategies and so on. A good business plan helps to overcome the difficulties facing during the initial phase without any confusion.




Flour Mix

This mix makes the best gluten-free cakes, cookies, and pie crusts.  It produces a tender, moist end product that I have not found with any other formula. Triple the measurements to have a large batch supply on hand for all your baking. It should be refrigerated in an airtight container to keep the brown rice flour fresh.


Multi Blend Gluten-Free Flour from www.authenticfoods.com

(also known in the book as Wendy Wark’s Gluten-Free Flour Mix)


1 cup brown rice flour

1¼ cup white rice flour

¼ cup potato starch flour

2/3 cup tapioca starch flour

¾ cup sweet rice flour

1/3 cup cornstarch

2 teaspoons xanthan or guar gum



  • For a healthier mix:  use all brown rice flour-2 ¼ cups- and omit the white rice flour
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Tapioca starch flour, sweet rice flour, and cornstarch have similar characteristics. If you cannot tolerate corn, substitute with either of the other two flours.
  • For heavy cakes such as pound cake, make your own flour mix and use Ener-G Foods’ brown rice flour, the finer grind of this flour is ideal for heavier cakes.


Flour mix recipe originally from Wendy Wark’s book Living Healthy with Celiac Disease (AnAffect, 1998).


Xanthan Gum


You always need to include xanthan gum unless a mix already has it in there.  The multi blend has some x-gum in it so you can make pancakes, waffles, some cookies etc without adding extra but if you are going to bake a cake or bread, use the following:


Bread                1 teaspoon per cup of flour mix

Cakes               1/2 teaspoon per cup of flour mix

Cookies            1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour mix


Alternative Flours


There are a variety of healthy gluten-free alternative flours that you may use.  Be certain they are free of cross contamination from the field to the package by contacting the company and asking detailed questions.  Each of these flours offer the vitamins and nutrients many celiacs lack in their diet and they provide much better tasting bread, pancakes, waffles, pizza crust, and sweet breads.  Avoid purchasing flour from bulk bins in stores as cross contamination can be a problem.

Flour mix of gluten-free, contains about 40% of the protein and the remaining 60% is the white starch of the gluten-free. Take 400gm of millet flour, 300gm of sweet rice flour and 300gm of potato starch and add all these to the container. Shake well the container until all the flour colors become same. Know more from the

Mexican Wedding Cakes

by Karen on December 7th, 2011

Holiday cookies–yes it is time at last!

Years ago we began making an assortment of confections to share with family: chocolate dipped pyramid shaped macaroons, Naniamo bars, rocky road,  molasses cookies,  cut-out cookies, and traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes ….all perfect with a cup of coffee or glass of milk!  (and most are available in Cooking Gluten Free!)

Mexican Wedding Cakes and a jam filled version


Russian Tea Cakes…Italian Wedding Cookies…Mexican Wedding Cakes

My sister-in-law is the baker in the family and this is the recipe she always uses which I adapted to make it gluten free.  Sometimes they are called Russian Tea Cakes, that version usually has about 1/4 cup more ground nuts or Italian Wedding Cookies which are often crescent shaped.  Many Mexican Wedding Cakes have a touch of cinnamon in them too. My sister-in-law always takes about half  of the Mexican Wedding Cake recipe to make an alternative version with a little jam filled thumbprint. Everyone loves this version and it adds some visual interest to the display of cookies as well.
This technique of trying new recipes from time and again. This has been a great success with many gluten-free recipes also. Recently we put in the money we gained from bitcoin code success in baking for some good cause and contributing it to the needy. If you wish to join us in this task, please do come forward soon.

Gluten Free Ratio Rally

Cookies are the theme of our monthly Gluten Free Ratio Rally– an opportunity to look at recipes made with a basic ratio that you can adapt to meet your needs, more is explained here.  Our fearless leader this month is Caroline at The G Spot Revolution our master list of bloggers are at the bottom of this post.

Let the holiday cookie baking begin!!!!

Ruhlman’s Ratio

Ruhlman’s ratio for cookies is 3 : 2 : 1  flour : fat : sugar. This version is close to that ratio but  I would be hesitant to add more flour and reduce the fat (which would make it closer to Ruhlman’s) I think his ratio might make these cookies crumbly.

Cookies are egg-free.

A soft dough


Finely ground almonds


After sifting the finely ground almonds with the other dry ingredients, I put the remaining ground almonds that didn’t pass through the sifter back into the Mini Cuisinart for another grind.

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Gluten Free Ratio Rally-Pizza

by Karen on October 5th, 2011

In our house pizza is a necessity.

I keep at least one extra crust in the freezer at all times which means a simple pizza can be ready in about 15 minutes.  We have tried many gluten free pizza crusts over the years and while this one still doesn’t taste exactly like a wheat-made crust, it is hands down the best gluten free pizza crust I have ever tasted, though new ideas are always appreciated…….

Gluten Free Ratio Rally Host

This month I am the host for the Gluten Free Ratio Rally which is a group of gluten free bloggers that tease out new recipes for a monthly topic–this month it is pizza. We start with a ratio based on those in Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio which is for wheat-based baking. Gluten free baking is quite different and with so many available gluten free flours, our ratios can vary a bit but as you look at the recipes you can pick those using your favorite gluten free flours.

The idea is that there is an ideal ratio of flour to liquid to fat and if you know that ratio then you can increase or decrease depending on the quantity you want to make. Restaurants always use ratios in their master recipes.

Navigate here to find the ratio calculator that is designed to make your job of making your cake layers look fabulous.most of those who love to bake are the ones who get perfect ratios in terms of their ingredients. This has to be measured and, later on, gets best with practice.

Ruhlman’s ratio for pizza is a 5:3  flour:water ratio (plus a small amount of fat).

Take some time to look through the blog  links at the end of this post. We have quite an eclectic group of bloggers, you will undoubtedly find at least one recipe that you will want to try.

Pizza Memories

Life Magazine ad for Chef Boyardee

When I was a kid my dad liked to make pizza with the Chef Boyardee kit.  He adapted it a bit and we looked forward to pizza night.  I am sure it is now loaded with sodium and of course off limits to our gluten free household but back then it was fun to see my dad in the kitchen on the weekends—his other kitchen talent involved apple pie from scratch which is absolutely awesome, we loved to follow him into the kitchen !

Pizza was such a special treat. We RARELY went out to dinner as was probably the case for most families in the 70s and ordering pizza to be delivered was certainly not on my radar screen if it was even available.   Homemade pizza, even if it started with the kit, was a treat for us.

In a funny roundabout way the same is true in my household today because we have yet to find a really good gluten free pizza crust anywhere else in Seattle.  There is one place that is well on its’ way to a successful GF pizza crust, it’s called Veraci in Ballard.  The few times I have been there they have had a hard time getting it just right because their cooks are accustomed to cooking directly on the hot stone and to ensure our crust is GF we ask them to cook ours on a pizza pan —so we are kind of messing with their system of success. Many customers request their gluten free pizza cooked directly on the hot stone but then the pizza is subject to possible contact with wheat flour. I recently suggested that they partially bake the crust on a pan, remove it from the oven,  top it, then bake it until done—I haven’t been in there lately so hopefully that worked for them because they have pretty fantastic pizza. Their sauce is awesome as well as their toppings. They just need to tweak the GF crust a bit more.

My ratio turned out to be:  5:4     flour/dry milk powder : water/egg whites

but I did not use all of the water called for in the recipe and I usually only need between 235-250 g  or  about 1 cup of water  so that really puts my ratio at  5: 3.5 so that is close to Ruhlman’s.  The reason for specifying  275 g. water is it helps to heat the water to 105-115° all at once whether you will use it or not depends upon humidity, how much moisture is in your flour (especially if you don’t keep it tightly sealed) etc.  but you don’t really know how much moisture is in your flour until you begin to add the wet ingredients to the dry.  Add the water gradually to your dry ingredients so you can watch the consistency and insure the dough doesn’t get too wet–that would spell disaster!!

Dry milk powder and egg whites add in some needed protein–if I knew more about the science of it all I would tell you all about it.  Erin Swing will likely fill you in if you look at her post as that is her specialty.

For my pizza post I will link you to the one I have had posted since discovering the combination of sorghum, millet and tapioca flours.  The toppings are my take on a local specialty pizza shop version of what they call the GASP! – the amount of garlic they use takes your breath away but mine is more tempered.  GASP also stands for Garlic, Artichoke Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto.  If I am pairing pizza with wine I will omit the artichoke ( because it causes a bad wine match) and will add a green pepper for the sweetness it imparts.  Here is the pizza we made this weekend which is not the GASP.

Green pepper, sausage, salami, sun-dried tomato and mozzarella with parmesan

A good Italian Sangiovese always works with pizza.

Follow the pizza post link above and if you prefer to use a scale here are the weights:

129 g. sorghum flour
138 g. millet flour
225 g. tapioca starch flour
55 g. dry milk powder or finely ground almonds
6 g. guar gum (or xanthan gum)
7 g. salt
21 g. active dry yeast
12 g. sugar
275 g. water (105-115°)
32 g olive oil
127 g. or 4 egg whites

The pizza recipe instructions and the same ingredients above expressed in cups is here.  When I made pizza this weekend there was time to let it rise for about 30 minutes before pre-baking the crust, this is what that rise time produces:

Prebaked pizza crust with a 30-minute rise

Multi Blend Gluten Free Flour Mix–The Quality Difference

The flour mix you choose will affect your results.  Anything with the primary base of WHITE rice flour is not worth your time.  I don’t buy anything that uses white rice flour and many of the premade mixes include it.

Before preparing the gluten-free mix you have to find which combination is better to blend. So you learn this here now to prepare gluten-free flour by comparing the quality difference. You can any brand of gluten-free flour for baking. You have to blend the gluten-free flours. Binders are added to hold them together. Without the binder, the recipes will turn in to crumbles.

The Quality Difference

You can trust our recipes to turn out quality results.  We have a lot of happy customers.
We have been cooking gluten free since 1997, collaborated with James Beard award winning chefs, operated at farmers markets, worked in local pie shops, and incorporated all that knowledge into proven recipes for success to simplify your life.

It’s always best to combine a basic mix like the Multi Blend with some high protein flours.
For cookies, breakfast quick breads, pancakes, waffles, carrot cakes, pie crust, scones, and biscuits use a 50/50 spilit of the Multi Blend mix (shown below) with one of the following:  Sorghum, Millet, Teff, Amaranth, or pure Buckwheat.

Pizza Crust, Sandwich Bread, and Pasta don’t use the Multi Blend Mix, instead they require a specific flour combination found in each recipe.



makes 8 ½ cups flour

Mix it all together and keep in a big container for all your baking needs.  You will be glad that you have it on hand.  You will also want to have bags of sorghum, millet, teff, and oat flours in your pantry for our recipes.

4 ½ cups (624g) brown rice flour
½ + 1/3 cup (152g) potato starch flour
1 cup +  2/3 cup (222g) tapioca starch flour
1 ½ cups (264g) sweet rice flour

Gums in Gluten Free Baking

Guar gum or xanthan gum is a necessary addition to gluten-free flours, it is an essential ingredient that binds our baked goods. My husband once made a cake without it and the batter ran out of the tube pan to cover the bottom of the oven!! Some GF bakers use chia seed or psyllium, they work in some recipes but not all. Over the past few years, I have used guar gum exclusively, it’s less gummy, less expensive, and I prefer the results:

If you are making:                                            Add this much guar gum or xanthan gum:

Sandwich Bread/Pizza Crust                           1 teaspoon per cup of flour mix

Cakes/Muffins/Quick Bread                        1/2 teaspoon per cup of flour mix

Cookies                                                              1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour mix
Bob’s Red Mill is a great source of gluten free flours.

Dairy and Egg Substitutions in Gluten Free Baking

One can generally find non-dairy substitutions for milk, sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, or butter (Earth Balance margarine) in a natural foods market made from soy or rice. For buttermilk, use either a cup of soy or rice milk and add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or cider vinegar.  Another great substitution for buttermilk is Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise—surprisingly so!

Substitutions for eggs and dry milk powder can be tricky but the following ideas work very well for many gluten free baked goods:


Use flax seed as an egg substitute: grind 1 tablespoon flaxseed and add 3 tablespoons boiling water, let set for 15 minutes then whisk with a fork– this mixture will replace 1 egg in a recipe. A clean coffee grinder works well to grind the small flaxseed.

Flax seed has many health benefits such as high-quality protein, fiber, B and C vitamins, iron, and zinc, anti-cancer properties, omega-3 fatty acids, and many other benefits.


Whenever a recipe calls for dry milk powder, I substitute with finely ground almonds (almond meal) or finely ground GF oats, it is a cup for cup substitution.