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>Digital book on a disk

>247 pages of gluten free family dinners, chef recipes for special occasions, and quality baked goods

>James Beard award winning chefs, including Charlie Trotter, Bob Kinkead, Dennis Leary, and Tom Douglas

>Exact replication of hardcover book in easy-to-use PDF format

>Send recipe to your iPad or print the recipe page

>View the table of contents

>see inside digital Cooking Gluten Free. Sample recipe pages

>Free shipping for U.S. only.  

>Healthy flours featured: sorghum, millet,  amaranth, teff, together with base flour mix.

>Complete details of gluten-free diet, how to get started, resources, glossary of gluten-free flours and usage, lunch and snack ideas,
children & the gluten-free diet, suggested substitutions for multiple sensitivities, list of specific foods to avoid by registered dietitian Shelley Case,
Forward by Cynthia Rudert M.D., and much more.

>Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for design

gluten free millet and sorghum bread