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Cooking Gluten Free! time to close up shop…..

by Karen on March 6th, 2016

Life has many twists and turns and now is the time to accommodate these changes.

My focus now is on photography (food and home) and a passion for craftsman homes.


We experimented with a few new ebooks and through that process learned that photography is where I want to spend my time. New projects are always welcomed for photography of food, estate sales, real estate, and retail products.





gluten free pumpkin pie slice

Craftsman Home Interior Design

My husband has recently built a craftsman home, painstakingly by hand.  I specified and procured all of the interior elements.  It is an incredibly warm and inviting place to call home, those years in interior design school have paid off.

The home was inspired by the work of early 1900s architect brothers known as Greene & Greene.  Most of their homes are in Pasadena, California in a neighborhood near my husband’s childhood home.

These homes are full of gorgeous wood, stained glass, beams, antiques, and character. We have sourced every element from a wide array of vendors and craftspeople.  Years ago I started a blog to feature the home which we will update when the finishing touches take shape– so that the reader can experience the project over a shorter timeline than what it actually took to build it.

Link:   to our Greene & Greene blog



It is sad to shut down the Cooking Gluten Free! business, and I appreciate all of the support provided by my customers from the farmers market, cooking classes, and book sales.  We had a good run for sixteen years starting out in 2000 as a top seller on Amazon weathering all the book business changes and ending with gorgeously photographed ebooks.

Thank you for your support.

C march 2014 garage trellis


If you have an interest in Craftsman homes be sure to visit our blog and subscribe to receive new posts.

Link:   to our Greene & Greene blog


I will always be available to answer any cooking questions through my Greene & Greene blog or at:

karen (at) cookingglutenfree (dot) com

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  1. Monica Scott permalink


    Thank you so much for all that Cooking Gluten Free had to offer. Always fun to read and frequently inspirational, it was a blog I enjoyed following.

    Best wishes as you move ahead, providing inspiration in a new and different way! I’m going to check out the Greene and Greene blog right now —


  2. Karen permalink

    Thank you for your nice comments. As we approach the end of March I can’t seem to pull the plug on Cooking Gluten Free! Instead I have decided to post when I can. I hope that you will continue to find inspiration in our posts!


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