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Pie Shop Tip #4–Pie Sugar for Balanced Sweetness

by Karen on November 23rd, 2015


Many of you know that I worked a Seattle area pie shop and also operated my own farmers market booth.  With all that baking I learned a lot and the long lines at our booth was all the proof I needed to know we were doing things right. Here are some tips to help you with your pie baking…..the fourth tip in our series.  The first three tips addressed our method for making the dough, prep for easy roll out, and avoiding sticky dough.

Pie Sugar for Balanced Sweetness

At the pie shop we had about 6 big tubs of premade pie sugar for every kind of pie we made.  Pie sugar is simply sugar with the appropriate spices for each flavor of pie. The idea is that you scoop up what you need, sprinkle it over the bowl of fruit for your pie then mix the pie sugar by hand into the fruit (carefully) to completely coat the fruit. When you are on a production line this is much more efficient than layering fruit, spice and sugar into the prepared pie plate.  But I think there is a taste difference as well as the sugar coats all the fruit evenly for a balanced sweetness. (Use food prep gloves for easier clean up.)


More tips to follow in the days to come….

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Thank you and stay warm!


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