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Breton Gluten Free Crackers

by Karen on April 2nd, 2015



It isn’t often that I brag on a product.

And no one has paid me to do so either.  I just think that when a company gets it right we should talk about it….but I do have a question.

The Canadian Celiac Association has vetted this company and given their seal of approval.  I do wonder about one element though.  On the label it says that the crackers were processed in a  nut free/peanut free facility but it does not include gluten in that list and I wonder why.  Obviously Breton produces wheat and gluten containing crackers as well so I had hoped their website would answer the question though I could not find the answer there.

My daughter and I have both eaten these crackers without issue.  If you are sensitive you might ask the company or CCA about their best practices.

With that said, these crackers taste buttery. They taste like a cracker should taste.

I just hope they are for celiacs….if you know more about these crackers please let me know.

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  1. Nina permalink

    Hi Karen,

    I too, had the same question when I saw the verbiage on the Breton cracker package. The facility is nut-free but is it gluten free? So I called and asked them. They sent this as part of their email response.

    “These crackers are not made in a gluten free facility; however the procedures for making them have been reviewed and the product is certified gluten free.”

    Gluten Free Watchdog has tested this product but results are only available to subscribers.


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