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Seattle Knife Sharpening–Holiday Prep

by Karen on November 10th, 2014



I have delayed having our knives sharpened for months….no years…..and for a family that cooks as much as we do this is crazy. I finally did it and wonder why did I wait so long?

As you prepare for the coming holidays, sharpening your knives may be the best thing you can do to save time and be more efficient. Our knives now cut through everything like butter, they have never looked or performed this good—even when they were brand new.

We bought Wüsthof-Trident knives years ago, they are good, comfortable knives. A well-made knife with a solid handle is so appreciated. If you have ever used a knife where the handle and blade feel like they are separating in the palm of your hand you know what I mean. Knives are the most important investment in a kitchen, much more important than gleaming stainless steel appliances.

I love how this customer wanted to hide his knives before getting them sharpened!


Seattle Knife Sharpening and Supply

For knife sharpening, Bob Tate is your man. Whether you live in Seattle or not (it’s easy to ship) you can get that edge back on your knives.

The Wall Street Journal did a feature on Bob when he first opened his shop back in 2010. The reporter compared knife sharpening services from various locations across the country and marveled at Bob’s impressive results using his 6-7 step sharpening process. (If you are shipping knives talk to Bob on the phone first or read his website to get the latest on shipping procedures.)



Bob worked as a chef and learned his knife sharpening skills from the man who sharpened Bob’s knives. One thing led to another and now Bob has a storefront in the Greenwood neighborhood just north of downtown Seattle.


Inside the store you will find knives for sale and carrots—to take the knives for a test drive.

my knives after sharpening, they are new again

my knives after sharpening, they are new again


Japenese waterstones for sharpening


And Bob will show you the proper way to use a sharpening steel to keep your edge.


It’s a personal touch and an obvious passion for Bob.

He even fixed the tip of the knife he is holding below.  It was damaged but now it has been expertly repaired.

Don’t wait—arrange for your sharp knives now before he gets too busy.  Right now it’s a 1-2 day turnaround.




Ready to plan your holiday meal?

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Seattle Knife Sharpening and Supply

Note: Occasionally I am reimbursed for my blog posts, but most of the time I write about things that impress me (with no compensation) which is the case for this post.



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