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Gluten Free Version of John Chandler’s Worlds Best Lasagna

by Karen on September 30th, 2013

My Gluten Free Version of John Chandler's Worlds Best Lasagna on


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

In this case the new trick was very simple:  make extra sauce, add a little fennel, mix in some egg with the ricotta (oops I actually forgot to do that!) and spread the ricotta with an off-set spatula……..and then my longtime lasagna recipe is transformed into the Worlds Best Lasagna ! according to the stats at

Actually those 4 small changes were so impressive it inspired me to send you the link above to the recipe that was posted in the Seattle Times on September 25th 2013. The Seattle Times recipe is adapted from John Chandlers’ recipe .

The Worlds Best Lasagna recipe has been the most popular recipe on for more than a decade with about 12 million views in just the past five years.  As I sat reading the article and looking at the ingredients I could quickly see how similar the recipe was to the one we have always used.  (we also have a vegetarian version in our book Cooking Gluten Free!)

my gluten free version:

For my gluten free version I skipped the italian seasoning blend, added fresh chopped basil in the last 30 min of sauce cooking time, and used Tinkyada lasagna noodles cooked very al dente.  For perfect gluten free pasta, I covered the lasagna with foil and baked for only 30 minutes.

dinner party inspiration:

Last week we had dinner at Crow in Seattle.  I love the restaurant….quality food….warm environment….and you always feel like you get your moneys worth—-every single time!

Anyway someone in our group ordered their glutenful lasagna made with fresh lasagna noodles stacked like a small tower.  I wanted to be able to create the same thing so I could serve an impressive lasagna to dinner guests at home.

With John Chandlers recipe (and my gluten free adjustments above) you can make the lasagna the day before, let it cool, refrigerate overnite and then cut the serving sizes in perfect rectangles.  Carefully remove each serving and place into a ramekin, rub the inside of a piece of foil with olive oil and cover tightly to reheat in a 350-375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.  Once it is fully heated through, you can plate the lasagna with some sexy cheese oozing out —add a little salad to the plate and you have a lovely dinner for your guest.

Wine Pairing:  Italian Sangiovese

This one was $14 and was a “wine steward favorite” at Metropolitan Market in Seattle.  Wine Tasting Notes: A fruity nose, packed full of violets and spicy fruit aromas. A wonderful savoury palate with black cherry and dark chocolate notes, plus spicy oak on the finish.  At 12.5% alcohol it is a nice match for our pizza and our red sauces which are normally a bit spicy due to the Italian Hot Sausage we use in both. (Though I did not have a bottle on hand to taste with the lasagna recipe posted here so I am just guessing it would be the perfect match.) 

2008 Villa Campobello Chianti Reserva

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