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Del Real

by Karen on September 25th, 2013
Logo for a new product to look for at Costco, QFC, and Fred Meyer


With both kids in college and without their cook and maid (me– silly!)  I know my kids are looking for all kinds of meal alternatives.  We received a huge party pack of Del Real food and tried all of it except for the frijoles which I have frozen and we’ll eat another time.  I think a prepared food company has won me over and it is Del Real.  

Everything they sent to us is marked Gluten Free and Milk Free though I don’t know if all of their items are GF.  I am not sure why they call it Milk Free instead of Dairy Free.  (and honestly I am trusting the label,  I have not called them and asked any questions—our son would have gotten sick if there was a problem)
Their salsa was awesome!  It was fresh and flavorful.  I haven’t yet found it in the store but at my Costco I did see their Carnitas, Pork Tamales, and one of their chicken entrees.
The Tamales were very good. We normally enjoy tamales made by a talented cook in Arizona who makes them by hand and ships them up here to a few families over the holidays.  The Del Real tamales are really pretty good, whenever food is made in such large quantity it is always different than what comes out of a home kitchen but these really stand up in the comparison.
I had one bite of their Puposas and my son ate the rest of what we heated up that night.  The rest are waiting for me in the freezer….a secret stash.  I had never heard of a Puposa before, they are cheese-filled thick corn tortillas.  Paired with their salsa it’s a sinful snack.
The Pollo Asado is grilled chicken leg that was moist and smokey in flavor and probably our favorite entree.
The Shredded Chicken is a good buy if you are in a hurry and want to make your own authentic dish but don’t have time to poach chicken breast.
We also liked the Chipotle Chicken Tinga which is shredded chicken in chipotle and tomato sauce. 
And the Chile Verde is pulled pork in a green tomatillo sauce.
I am so partial to my own pulled pork but if you are short on time this can be a good alternative.
Overall, everything was fresh and good!
There are many other Del Real items for you to consider,  when time is tight and you need to get dinner on the table quick—- they seem like a perfect fit.
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