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Pike Place Market Arcade Lights

by Karen on March 5th, 2013

Update: March 2014–Mama Ks GF Bakery is on hiatus 


Soon I will post an events page once all the paperwork is complete on our 2013 schedule.  Hopefully you will have the opportunity to taste many of Mama K’s Gluten Free Bakery items at these events.  On the evening of April 19th we are participating in the 4th Arcade Lights fundraising event for the Pike Place Market Foundation, a non-profit that supports crucial social services including Pike Market Child Care & Preschool, the Pike Market Medical Clinic, the Pike Market Senior Center, and the Downtown Food Bank.  You will have a chance to taste and sip your way through the market.

Follow this link for more detailed information: Pike Place Market Arcade Lights

My father-in-law was very involved for many years in supporting the Pike Market Senior Center and I spent a year in the senior healthcare industry (more about that in a post later this week) so I feel like I have a personal connection to this event….but we all do really.  The Pike Place Market and our downtown are very important to the city of Seattle.  Many people who visit our town…and it is still a pretty small town with everyone so interconnected.  There is not a day that I go downtown with the big guy that we don’t run into someone we know…that is not something that happens in larger cities…except in Manhattan but that is another story altogether.

Most Seattleites have a soft spot in their heart for the joy of taking an out of town guest to the Pike Place Market or spending an afternoon treating yourself to a day of Sur La Table, DeLaurentis, the fish throwing guys, the magic shop, the spice store, and all the farmers and crafts people whose long laboring hours make the market such a fun place to visit.  I hope you have a chance to visit again soon or to attend Arcade Lights.

As we get closer to the date I will divulge to you the special treat we are planning for that event.

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