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Thank you for a great gluten free holiday season!

by Karen on January 3rd, 2013

Update: March 2014–Mama Ks GF Bakery is on hiatus

Over the holidays Mama K’s Cooking Gluten Free bakery had a lot of fun baking apple pies:

apple pies ready for pick up


Sour cream coffee cake, this one was even dairy free:


pizza crust (also used as a great flat bread):

Baked and ready for toppings or freezing



Thank you for your support as we grow through the new year!

Order your pizza crust, granola, banana bread or blueberry bread today.  All made with healthy ingredients, complex carbs, high protein flours.

Serving Seattle, email orders to:  karen(at)cookingglutenfree(dot)com

Karen (your mama)







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  1. I was just looking at my pictures from Seattle yesterday and marveling at how long it has been and how much has happened since June! I hope that you have been well!!

  2. Karen permalink

    Yes a lot has changed! Thank you for reaching out—was it really last June? I was thinking about that the other day and could not remember. I just read some of your recent posts and it is true about taking it one step at a time. I have found that to be the only solution when facing a challenging situation. A friend of mine has launched a pie company (in her spare time) while working full time elsewhere to pay the bills. This past holiday season she was picked up by Trader Joe’s and a local high-end grocery chain in Seattle—and she did it all on her own, one step at a time!
    She is great inspiration

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