Gluten Free Healthy Flours Tortillas

by Karen on September 5th, 2012



Why artichokes as the featured photo for gluten free tortillas?

It has been a busy summer and I haven’t had a chance to take many food photos, these were delicious and straight from the garden.

You probably think I am crazy but I am simply happy to be sitting back at the computer gazing at these artichokes, but don’t worry I do have a photo for you of the tortillas….

I will link you to The Gluten Free Girl site after I post my recipe for the tortillas.  She featured a photo of them when she reviewed my book a few years ago, scroll down her page a bit and it is the last photo.  The only change I have made since the original recipe is the use of healthier flours in the tortillas.  I think the healthier flours allow for greater flexibility in the tortilla overall and of course you will have a complex carb that your body can use for energy over a longer period of time.

We love to use gluten free flour tortillas to wrap around chicken salad, it is nice to have a few options rather than corn tortillas.  Trader Joe’s makes some pretty good brown rice tortillas and Whole Foods carries some made with teff I believe. But my recipe is very easy to pull together for a quick meal.

The tapioca flour provides needed structure though it isn’t all that healthy.

You can substitute amaranth or pure buckwheat or millet flour for the teff if you wish.

This recipe also makes great communion wafers.

This entry into our Gluten Free Ratio Rally  is   flour: liquid: fat     2 : 1 : 1/2 ratio

A variety of other gluten free food bloggers participate as well, our host this month is Brooke and the Boy.  Later in the day on Wednesday I will have the links at the bottom of this post but Brooke will have them first thing Wednesday so you can compare the various ideas.

The Recipe for Gluten Free Dairy Free Tortillas made with Healthy Flours

makes eight, 8-inch tortillas

3/4 cup teff flour
3/4 cup multi blend gluten free flour mix
1/2 cup tapioca flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon guar gum or xanthan gum (or other binder of choice)
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
3 tablespoons canola oil
3/4 cup water (or less, depends on humidity)

Mix dry ingredients together, then add oil and water. (This works well in a Kitchenaid stand mixer, using the paddle attachment) Mix on high speed for a few minutes until dough is well blended and forms a smooth ball.  Let dough rest for 10 minutes covered, then divide into 8 equal sized balls.  Flatten each portion slightly and roll out onto a  floured surface. (tapioca flour works well) Heat an ungreased non-stick griddle or pan until very hot. Using a large spatula, place rolled-out tortilla on griddle, and cook for a minute or so on each sie.  Keep cooked tortillas warm wrapped in foil in low oven.

Tortillas can be frozen and reheated on griddle.

Moreover, you can enjoy this tortilla with your favorite filling. One such recipe for the best filling is given below.
Chicken strips marinated with salt, pepper, and paprika to be baked for 20 to 25 minutes and should be glazed with honey drops.
check this link right here now for knowing more recipes of this type.

Link to view photo of my gluten free tortillas on Gluten Free Girl site  scroll down on her page, it is one of the last photos in that post.

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