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Wine Pairing: Apps and Chenin Blanc

by Karen on July 7th, 2012

It was a glorious Fourth of July in Seattle after one of the rainiest, most miserable Junes in recent memory.

This flag looks so happy to greet the day!

After hanging the flag,  attention was focused on my food and wine contribution to the evening party.

Deviled Eggs

My son is crazy about deviled eggs so I have experimented with a few basic recipes lately:  in this Deviled Egg recipe from Paula Dean we use dill pickles instead of sweet, it’s a great classic recipe.

But on the Fourth we went to a dinner party minus the kids so I went for something a bit spicier.

Kathy Casey has a great little book called Sips and Apps with a deviled egg recipe using chipotle sauce and a gorgeous tomato cilantro garnish.

It sets a whole new standard for deviled eggs…..a simple substitution of dairy free sour cream made my 20 year old daughters’ day.  She informed me she had never had a deviled egg in her life (I had no idea!) and was in heaven with this recipe.

Wine Pairings

So now to the wine pairing.

David Le Claire at Wine World invited me to help with the wine tastings prior to the store opening last year…….we tasted through an amazing number of bottles over a 2 week period to select the last thousand bottles or so (he already had the bulk of his inventory selected but still had this last one thousand bottles that a group of sommeliers, the lone wine student—me, industry people, friends, store staff, etc. needed to weigh in on).

I learned a lot as we tasted through California, Oregon, Washington, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and all the southern hemisphere wines.  It was an amazing experience that I will be eternally grateful to David for including me. 

You see, you can have all the book knowledge on wine but you really learn just one bottle at a time.

And to successfully pair wine with food there is a lot of trial and error.

A few weeks ago I went to Wine World to stock up on white wine to have on hand for summer parties.  Very few of my girlfriends drink red wine and most are oakey chardonnay fans so I try to introduce something new for them to add to their repertoire.  I found a number of bottles that I enjoyed so much that I have gone back and restocked. 

For the Kathy Casey Chipotle Deviled Eggs appetizer I decided I wanted something with some effervesence but did not want to bring bubbles because I knew a few people at our dinner party are not fans of sparkling wine.  Everyone instantly recognized that whatever they were drinking when they tasted the deviled eggs was not a good match so they agreed to try the wine I hoped would match. 

It was a great success!

Kiona Chenin Blanc has an effervesence and aromas of tart green apples. It is crisp and clean on the palate with good acid. It was the perfect balance to the spicy deviled eggs– which disappeared in minutes.

The vintage was a 2011 and at Wine World it was selling for $13.

During the week of the Fourth of July I had the opportunity to visit some small towns and drive through some lovely valleys on the way.  Nothing captures the Fourth quite like small town celebrations.  I wish I had stopped to take more pictures of Anacortes, La Conner, the ferries, and the gorgeous red barns along the way but this was all on the day before the Fourth and it was a downpour most everywhere.



Flags flying everywhere


Antique stores in La Conner


a fantastic vintage lighting store in La Conner

Italian pottery inside

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