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Delancey in Seattle

by Karen on July 23rd, 2012



I have a new obsession following this past weekend.

We have talked about going for quite awhile —–but this weekend my parents and brother were visiting from Texas and my mom wanted to eat at the restaurant that Molly Wizenberg owns with her husband Brandon Pettit. 

They drove all the way from Texas for pizza!

Brandon clearly has a way with a wood-fired pizza oven and he did something absolutely amazing with my gluten free pizza crust. 

Molly and I briefly met at a Seattle food blogger fund raiser last year for a local food bank. She told me that if you bring your own gluten free pizza crust to Delancey they will bake it off for you with their toppings.  You simply pay the same price for pizza as everyone else….and theirs are very reasonable.

I wasn’t sure if I needed to bring the crust on its own pizza pan but I did.  With regards to cooking the pizza, the waiter talked to my son since he is 6′ 9″ and at age 17 looks like an adult so I missed the conversation which is ok, he needs to advocate for himself.  My son said that he was fine with them baking it on the bricks –but not everyone who is GF will opt for that–Just tell them how you want it cooked.  They cooked our GF pizza for a few minutes at 800 degrees and then finished it off in another oven.  I would imagine it is a challenge whenever Brandon is working with a new crust—every crust cooks at varying speeds so he was careful and it was perfect.

Because Brandon wanted to get the GF pizza right it did take awhile for our table of 6 to get our pizzas but that’s ok, just be sure to order appetizers or a salad while you wait.  My salad consisted of garden fresh greens with roasted tomatoes and it was excellent.  Each adult at our table ordered their very own pie which worked out well since the Delancey crust is thin.  My large GF crust was a bit bigger and thicker than their wheat-based crust and I managed to talk my son into letting me have 2 slices of the GF pizza…that together with my salad and a glass of Rioja was perfect for me.

Of course we now must begin researching wood-fired pizza ovens for our backyard.  It might be years before we get one and more time still to learn how to use it properly, but there is no doubt it is on the list now.

My pizza crust is a bit different these days as I tweak it and learn more ….always. 

Definately add Delancey to your Bucket List—it’s worth the trip to Seattle.  I’m not kidding!

Maybe I should figure out a way for people to get one of my pizza crusts in hand so you can enjoy a most amazing pizza.

Update:  I actually am now selling my pizza crust to customers as of November 2012.  Order it, pick it up in Magnolia and drive a bit north to Delancey for the most awesome gluten free pizza!!




  1. Well now you tell me! Maybe on the next trip… I’m already wishing I could come back!

  2. Karen permalink

    you just let me know when you are in town next time!

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