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Tofu for Newbies

by Karen on June 3rd, 2012

roasted tofu with peanut sauce and cucumber salad with Thai lime dressing

A meal that is easy and healthy.

Our daughter is home from college and Asian food is a favorite. She also must avoid dairy, corn, and gluten so I try new recipes over the summer months and the winners will become stand-bys for her own college kitchen cooking.

A good recipe like this also comes in handy for any of you out there with teens or young adults in the household —you understand the importance of having a refrigerator full of leftovers for the late night kitchen invasion by these beings.

I recently organized my many recipes clipped from newspapers and the internet to help spur some new life into our weekly meals.  These two recipes were rediscovered and were met with an overwhelming thumbs up, next time I will make more to insure leftovers.

Start off with reading Kathy Casey’s Do You Tofu? article and then move on to:  Roasted Tofu with Peanut Sauce recipe
I used Thai Kitchen’s Roasted Red Chili Paste with some additional chili oil instead of the sambal oelek but I want to research that a bit more and if it is gluten free (and it should be from what I have seen so far) I will definately try it next time.  My version of the tofu is a bit different—cube the tofu and roast it at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes–turning once while it cooks—because we like ours a bit more browned.  This method is from the Moosehead Restaurant, one that we have used for years.

Coincidentally when I made this meal I had one container of firm tofu from Trader Joe’s and one from Island Spring (the silken extra firm) which made for an interesting comparison.  I doubled the recipe for my hungry family of four adult appetites. My favorite tofu is Island Spring, it comes closest to traditional tofu.

The salad is watercress, peanuts, chopped fresh mint, and thinly sliced cucumbers (used my favorite mandolin–also from Kathy Casey). link to recipe  Make the salad without the dressing and peanuts and refrigerate for at lease 30 minutes before serving. Add the dressing, toss, and top with peanuts just before serving. The fresh, cold, crisp watercress and cucumbers are a nice foil to the spicy tofu.  (You can control the spiciness depending upon how much chili oil you add to the tofu.)


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