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Adapting Recipes to Gluten Free–Chicken Pot Pie

by Karen on January 20th, 2012

gluten free chicken pot pies in muffin tin

The other day I found this recipe on Twitter for Muffin Tin Chicken Pot Pie at The Baker Chick.  I must confess I had never had chicken pot pie (until last night) but I have always been intriqued by the idea and also by the  mini size of these that could be made in advance and frozen for later.  Since we STILL have snow on the ground here in Seattle it seemed like a great idea.  I had most of the ingredients on hand and it sounded perfect for a cold snowy night (and believe me it was….both husband and son were in gastromic heaven).

I had various bits of leftover frozen pie crust dough, friends were calling to walk down to the village pub for the afternoon so the dough and some frozen chicken were set out to await my return.

In Seattle:

snow days = a mini holiday in the neighborhood

It’s really a great time to re-connect with neighbors and we are fortunate to have so many friends within walking distance to our little village, it’s quite a gathering place.

With the grocery store  near the pub I could grab two extra things I thought the filling needed:  mushrooms and celery.

I had a lot of pie crust made with teff flour on hand so that ended up being the bottom crust for all of the little pies.

bottom crust mini pot pies

While I loved the IDEA of these mini pies I have to tell you I was hating the actual rolling out of each bottom and top crust (24 times).  The Baker Chick suggests using a mega muffin tin which I don’t own.  Next time I will make these using some 4 1/2-inch ramekins instead or just one big pie.  Though I am very happy now that we have a few of these little guys waiting in the freezer for quick meals for my son.

Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

I am not going to reprint the recipe here, instead just go to The Baker Chick’s post for the details BUT

 follow along here for the easy substitutions to make it gluten free:

-use the savory version of my gluten free pie crust recipe and roll it out to accomodate the tins, ramekins or pie plate you decide to use.  Using teff flour for these little pies was the hands down favorite.  (I had a variety of leftover pie dough so while the bottoms were all the teff version the tops were made with my regular pie dough and a few experiments too.)

-instead of regular flour to thicken the filling use sweet rice flour

-use 2 chicken breasts and cook them whole — chop the meat once cooked, I think that makes the chicken more tender,  also add in several coarsely chopped cloves of garlic to the stock, chicken, carrots, potatoes, and green beans

-use 3 carrots and 2 small red potatoes

-saute with the onions: 6-7 finely chopped mushrooms and 3 stalks of finely chopped celery

-cook up a pot of brown rice and serve the leftover pot pie filling on top of the rice

Adapting recipes for gluten free or dairy free

It is very easy to adapt most any recipe to gluten free though it helps if you pick recipes where you can make easy substitutions.  Spotting those recipes comes with experience of course but I knew my pie crust would work well because it is easy to handle and I have used sweet rice flour as a thickening agent enough to know it would be fantastic in this filling.  When my daughter comes home I will use my lard based pie crust recipe, some dairy free margerine and milk.

  1. Aryn permalink

    When I do this, I use a large ramekin with only a top crust. I make extra filling and crust, then freeze the filling in family-size servings in freezer bags. I cut the crust into the right size round and flat freeze it. Then I put the to pieces together in a gallon freezer bag. I found that the frozen whole pies take a long time to defrost, but freezing separately makes it a quicker meal.

  2. Sally permalink

    Thank you for all your postings and details. These look inviting. My boys have been asking for a pot pie, but I wasn’t clear on how to design one with so many food restrictions. With all your expertise, do you have a recommendation of what milk can be substituted in this recipe? Maybe unsweetend coconut or something lighter such as unsweetened almond milk.

    Also, would you choose palm shortening or earth balance in the red container, gf, df, and soy free.
    Trying to build my expertise in baking, but would be delighted to hear your thoughts.
    Thank you again,

  3. Karen permalink

    For the filling I would substitute the Earth Balance for butter and probably almond milk for the milk.
    The crust would be made with lard as shown in the dairy free, gluten free pie crust recipe link. This crust however is very light and crumbly once baked.

  4. Dee permalink

    OMG thank you for these recipes! Was diagnosed with Celiac last year at 47 years old, and am always looking for new recipes :). I’ve become pretty adept with converting my old recipes to be GF, but after much trial and error. Thanks again!

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