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Mexican Wedding Cakes

by Karen on December 7th, 2011

Holiday cookies–yes it is time at last!

Years ago we began making an assortment of confections to share with family: chocolate dipped pyramid shaped macaroons, Naniamo bars, rocky road,  molasses cookies,  cut-out cookies, and traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes ….all perfect with a cup of coffee or glass of milk!  (and most are available in Cooking Gluten Free!)

Mexican Wedding Cakes and a jam filled version

Russian Tea Cakes…Italian Wedding Cookies…Mexican Wedding Cakes

My sister-in-law is the baker in the family and this is the recipe she always uses which I adapted to make it gluten free.  Sometimes they are called Russian Tea Cakes, that version usually has about 1/4 cup more ground nuts or Italian Wedding Cookies which are often crescent shaped.  Many Mexican Wedding Cakes have a touch of cinnamon in them too. My sister-in-law always takes about half  of the Mexican Wedding Cake recipe to make an alternative version with a little jam filled thumbprint. Everyone loves this version and it adds some visual interest to the display of cookies as well.

Gluten Free Ratio Rally

Cookies are the theme of our monthly Gluten Free Ratio Rally– an opportunity to look at recipes made with a basic ratio that you can adapt to meet your needs, more is explained here.  Our fearless leader this month is Caroline at The G Spot Revolution our master list of bloggers are at the bottom of this post.

Let the holiday cookie baking begin!!!!

Ruhlman’s Ratio

Ruhlman’s ratio for cookies is 3 : 2 : 1  flour : fat : sugar. This version is close to that ratio but  I would be hesitant to add more flour and reduce the fat (which would make it closer to Ruhlman’s) I think his ratio might make these cookies crumbly.

Cookies are egg-free.

A soft dough


Finely ground almonds


After sifting the finely ground almonds with the other dry ingredients, I put the remaining ground almonds that didn’t pass through the sifter back into the Mini Cuisinart for another grind.

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  1. I am LOVING these! I think they would be oh-so-yummy with a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are a favorite holiday cookie in our house too, but I haven’t made them in a while. Looking forward to trying your recipe.

  3. Yum! What a classic! Love it. Merry Christmas!

  4. Lisa @ GF Canteen permalink

    one of my favorite cookies for the holidays. love the addition of cream cheese – bet it makes them even more tasty and melty.

  5. These are a long-standing tradition in my family, oh I will be so happy to be able to make them gluten free now! I have been wondering how to handle them, thanks so much!

  6. Oh Karen, funny the memories brought back by cookies. I’m just realizing, as I read your post, that my late grandmother used to make these (the Italian Wedding version, because they were crescent-shaped), and I loved them as a kid but never knew what they were called. I just remember all that powdered sugar everywhere, and licking it off my fingers after eating about 5 cookies. I don’t have her recipe, but now I have yours! Thank you so much!

  7. These wedding cakes look ridiculously good. Thank you so much for sharing, Karen!

  8. these cookies remind me of a peruvian cookie that I adore that has dulce de leche instead of the jam. Your version sounds fabulous! Will have to try these.

  9. karen, your cookies are perfect. they look exactly like the mexican wedding cookies my hispanic aunt would bring every year to our annual family christmas celebrations. after reading the other comments, it’s clear you struck a “memory” chord with a lot of us with this one! thanks for sharing…

  10. I just made these and they turned out wonderfully!! Thanks for sharing the recipe – absolutely delicious :)

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