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Healthy Ideas

by Karen on August 21st, 2011

Joy Bauer was in Seattle this past week the keynote speaker at a Health and Wellness Fair I attended for my new job.  She was fantastic!

As the nutrition and health expert for The TODAY Show she has developed quite a following and I have to admit I had never heard of her before the event but now I will make an effort to follow her on Facebook.

You expect to hear the usual recommendations in a presentation like this but she had such an interesting twist.  Not only is she a great public speaker but the entire talk revolved around  her top three food picks for specific health benefits:  heart, mood, aches and pains, memory and losing weight. It’s very easy to incorporate her ideas since she provided it in small bites–so to speak.

In my work now, my company helps people manage chronic conditions such as heart diease, hypertension, and diabetes. Her tips for the heart included salmon for omega-3 fats –it thins the blood and lowers cholesterol.  In the great northwest we eat gorgeous fresh salmon but she said that canned salmon is a great low-cost, more widely available alternative–I have to buy some now to try it.

Quinoa was suggested for fiber and protein and it’s great in reducing high blood pressure. Here is a link to a wonderful quinoa salad.   The big surprise—and each of the categories she talked about had a surprise for me—pistachios for removing bad cholesterol.  Though that isn’t an issue for me I bought a bag of unsalted pistachios for snacking—might as well develop good habits!

She also shared some flat out alarming obesity trends from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that really show the dramatic shift our country has taken since 1990. Go to the link and scroll down quickly,  there is a map of the United States that visually shows our obesity rate going from about 10% of the population to 25% in 2010 and rising fast.  One out of every four individuals in many states are considered obese.  We have to learn how to cook again ……from scratch using fresh ingredients.  We need to help solve our health care crisis by helping ourselves back to health.

Follow Joy on Facebook, each day she provides helpful tips that can change your life.

We need her quick reminders to help keep us on track.
I have  bag of ground chia seed which is rich in omega-3 but I forget to sprinkle it into food as I am cooking…. after listening to Joy I moved the chia seed front and center with my other spices and oils so I will remember to use it.

Today I made granola and added a few tablespoons of chia seed to it before baking.  I love to have homemade granola on hand to serve with Trader Joe’s honey greek yogurt.  Joy also mentioned that walnuts are high in omega-3 so I bumped up the proporation of walnuts in the granola.

omega-3 rich granola, just before adding warm honey/oil/vanilla

Orders for Cooking Gluten-Free! until Labor Day will also receive my new granola recipe.

Gluten Free Granola with a kiss of honey and vanilla


I love Joy’s tips so much that periodically I will share some of what she presented in Seattle this week—in the meantime follow her on Facebook, Twitter, The TODAY Show, or buy one of her books to get your life back on the right  track for good health.

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