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June-some exciting changes

by Karen on June 18th, 2011

I am definately on the other side now.

Even though I have friends with very young children in their household we basically have four adults living in our house (from time to time). Right now my daughter is home from college, actually home for a few weeks before  her summer camp counselor job begins where she lives in 6-day sessions.  She is working on our construction site for the next few weeks learning all about building the forms for the foundation and now tearing the forms down after our concrete pour last week.  When she comes home for the holidays she will become a framer.  I can see her now touting the tool belt and looking pretty accomplished in her task.

Meanwhile our son is in Germany living with a host family. We will return the favor when the German students visit us in the fall.  He is also very much a part of learning how to build a house–that is how he paid for his trip.  These kids are getting a very important education along the way, something they could never learn in school and they will have the pride of having helped to build what will hopefully be our family home for the next few generations.

I have a new job with a company that helps homebound seniors manage a chronic condition or recover from a hospital stay and I have a new sponsor for this blog which will roll out in the next few weeks.  And on top of all that we have changed our diet in an enlightening way.

Most people would not want to put further restrictions on themselves once on a gluten free diet but we have in an effort to improve our overall health. My husband has cut out sweets, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, and dairy.  I am doing a modified version of that as is my daughter and she will soon do a detox accompanied by a similar diet once she returns from a weekend at counselor training.

Here is what we have learned so far:

>Cooking the evening meal is remarkably easier just focusing on a vegetarian meal or a simple chicken or fish entree with vegetables.

>Red meat and alcohol, once reintroduced, causes havoc on your system. Last night I fell off the wagon and am going straight back to the modified diet.

>You can have the willpower to say no to the things that aren’t good for you.

>I will never give up all of those vices but I now know the value of eating them less frequently.

This week I will photograph our simple meals for you. The vegetable section will get more use in my own Cooking Gluten Free! 

I am learning how to use seasonings and herbs better in those dishes that I typically would use butter and we have been happy with the results.

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