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Chocolate Truffles

by Karen on February 19th, 2011

Over Valentine’s Day I got together with some friends and made the most amazing chocolate truffles.  I am slated to do it again with a different group in mid-April to get ready for Easter.

The Valentine’s batch was a bit more challenging because we made them gluten free and nut free.  The concentrated flavor oils I had easy access to were not nut free and I didn’t have time to search out a good option so we infused all the ganache (flavored, chocolate centers) with zested orange or raspberry puree etc.  In all we made 4 flavors plus some all chocolate molded hearts. 

I cannot believe that the first time around I didn’t take any pictures.  It was such a beautiful day in a fantastic kitchen.  Stay tuned, the post for the Easter truffles will be posted right around tax day.  I am buying the plastic molded forms for bunnies and chicks today.

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