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Post Holiday Meal: Enchilada Cazuela with 2007 Four Vines Zinfandel

by Karen on December 30th, 2010

Turkey, pumpkin pie, prime rib, leg of lamb, apple pie, mashed potatoes, cookies, whatever your holiday tradition I am sure you are ready for a break.  For me today was the day I emerged from my holiday, ready to start anew.

It helped to wake up to this in Seattle today:

(I have never seen such a view of the mountain.)

Halo over Mount Rainier

Mt Rainier normally looks like this:

And we saw the gorgeous snow-covered Olympic Mountains:

Olympic Mountains

With several weeks of good snow in the mountains, every time I go on a walk I see another family packing up the car for sledding or skiing.

We are about to begin the new year, as always, with the thought of a healthier way of life in food and exercise. The snow is begging us to start right now.  It feels so good to get outside and play. Skiing is always a motivating factor for me to be in better shape, especially when the thigh burn sets in after a long day of skiing.

Just a few days til we begin a new year and anything that is NOT holiday food is looking pretty good to me right now.

We had our last family gathering of the season last night.  Enchilada Cazeula and a huge salad with roasted pears and walnuts. The natural tendency is to pair —what else?—beer—with the meal. For those on a gluten free diet though wine is a better choice unless you have found a gluten free beer that you love.  Many people don’t know what kind of wine to pair with Mexican food.

Zinfandel is always a good choice.  I found this California Four Vines 2007 Old Vine Cuvee for $11 and thought it would be a good match. Since it was inexpensive I decanted it and gave it a chance to open up and it turned out to be a great match for the ingredients in the Enchilada Cazuela (ground beef, ground sausage, tomato sauce, chili pepper, cumin, cheese, scallions, corn tortillas).  Decanting is always a good idea for a less expensive wine, it almost always makes it better.

So enjoy the last few days of 2010.  One of my goals is to share various food and wine pairings with you over the year as I discover good matches.  Tonight we have friends coming over for the game so I will be experimenting with the perfect wine for pizza  (ah…that is too easy of a pairing but stay tuned….)

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