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Apple Extravaganza

by Karen on December 28th, 2010

Dairy Free, Egg Free on Left, Butter and Egg Crust on Right


We always seem to buy ourselves a little something when shopping for others.

My new toy is an apple peeler that also cores and slices the apple.  It is the most amazing appliance in my kitchen right now.  Last year it was a juicer but I will get into that later when January is in full swing and we are all trying to be good.  For at least the next few days we will still eat  holiday food until guilt takes over on January 1st.

My son just handed me the most excellent chocolate chip cookie.  He is on a 24-hour break from all screens so baking is his muse of the moment.  I should institute that break more often.

I wonder if I could entice him to cook dinner…..?

I ordered this apple peeler from Bed Bath and Beyond when trying to increase my total order to receive free shipping.  When I worked at the pie shop we had an apple peeler bolted to the counter in our “show kitchen”. Customers coming into the shop loved watching us make the pies and the vintage apple peeler fit the environment perfectly.  When I saw this peeler online the commenters said that they were amazed with how well the suction cup feature worked (to attach it to any countertop) but I don’t recall anyone being as excited about the whole contraption as I am now.

When trying it out for the first time to make an apple pie we peeled through 6 apples in such record time that we couldn’t stop and peeled through 6 more to make a second pie–our dinner guests were ecstatic, you should have seen their eyes light up….both pies…for us??!

Now the apple peeler is part of our appetizer plan —-when our guests arrive we have cheese and crackers set out along with a few unpeeled apples and the toy sitting on the countertop.  It is always a big hit.  My three young nieces will be here tomorrow night, I am sure they will get a kick out of the apple peeler too.

I love that my college freshman daughter has a long break at home.  I will try to get her to take as many pictures as possible for the blog.  We need a few more sunny days though, it is just too dark.

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