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Wine Crush

by Karen on September 29th, 2010


Merlot grapes

This was taken with my phone–my photos will be better soon, I just took a lesson with the photographer who took my lovely pie photos– so future posts should be better, using a real camera.

My original blog was titled Gluten Free Food and Wine but then I changed my format and decided to rename the new blog  to match the book.  Why use the word wine in the blog?  My intention was to feature wine and food. The digital book Cooking Gluten-Free! provides wine pairings for each meal (by Dan McCarthy of McCarthy & Schiering Wine Merchants) but up until now that was the extent of  the wine content.

Though now, I am actually pursuing my interest in wine at a new level.  I am enrolled in a class at the Northwest Wine Academy called Wines of the World which promises to be a fantastic class!  So this blog should become a resource for both gluten free food and the wine we like to drink with the food.

As part of my immersion I am helping out with the “Fall Crush” at some local wineries.  Last weekend was a lot of fun, I met some great people at a small winery and helped with some sauvignon blanc and merlot.  It is hard work and unlike the vision we all have of stomping around in grapes in our bare feet——didn’t happen.

It wasn’t that messy but a bit sticky and the best part was the mingling between the workers and of course learning something new.  We also got to taste last years chardonnay which was very good.

This is a small production so we used a small extractor for the sauvignon blanc grapes, once they passed through the destemming machine, they went into the barrel shaped contraption to press the juice out.

Once the grapes are inside the crank on top moves the weight down and through the barrel and the juice comes out the bottom.

When they removed the barrel sides the skins remained, tightly packed together.

The grape skins packed together.

The merlot grapes did not go through the extractor as they need to sit in their skins for awhile.

As I learn more I will post more….

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