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Gluten Free Camping, omelet in a bag

by Karen on August 13th, 2010

 When you are trying to feed 28 hungry campers in the morning Omelets in a Bag are quite handy.  You just need to have all of the filling ingredients chopped up ahead of time, eggs, some quart sized freezer bags, and a big pot of boiling water.  We generally have 2-3 camp stoves going so this is the quickest way to serve up an egg dish at camp.  My camera wasn’t charged when we were actually camping so I just took these pictures today as I made them at home for you.

Simple Omelet Ingredients

I used just one egg so my omelet is quite small.  Definately use only two eggs.  One is too little and more than two take too long to cook.  Once the water comes to a boil,  place slightly beaten eggs with salt, pepper and your fillings. I used only scallions because the cupboard was bare but try cheese, chopped roasted vegetables, bacon bits, cubed ham, carmelized onions, diced peppers, whatever you like in an omelet.

Boiling the omelet in a bag

You can see that I let the bag touch the sides of the pan–try to avoid that.  Cook for 6-7 minutes until it looks like the eggs are cooked through.  You can lift the bag out of the water and touch the omelet to check its’ firmness.

Here is the finished product using just one egg, see how small it is?

It looks just like an omelet.

update: Aug 26, 2013

This year we had quite an array of choices for our omlets:

The other thing I learned at camp this year is a neat little trick with bacon.  Now, I could never do this if my husband were camping because he is a purest and would want to cook the bacon at camp (which is great because it would just be us and the kids).  But feeding 28 people is another story altogether.  My friend Lisa cooks up the bacon at home and wraps it tightly in foil.  She then reheats it still wrapped in the foil, in a skillet at camp, turning the packet with tongs until it is heated through.  It tasted really good and she didn’t have to try to figure out where to dispose of bacon fat at the campground.

Lisa is wearing the sunglasses. She is very happy that she cooked her bacon at home.

We thought about cooking up this crayfish for breakfast, not enough to go around so he went back in the lake.

Our youngest camper "I am going to get this in there...I just know it."

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