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A Look to the Future

by Karen on July 28th, 2010

What an absolutely crazy month. 

Before I forget— be sure to get the latest issue of Living Without for the recipes that go along with the pictures in my heading…………..   Summer Fruit Pies.

In Seattle, June and July are often not the best part of the summer so we  go on various trips to Eastern Washington or out of state where the sun is more dependable .  August is the month to stay home and enjoy our beautiful city.  This year was no exception, however, not only did we take a few trips but we decided to move! On top of that I taught a week long class and both kids had their wisdom teeth extracted.  From this whirlwind of activity I have some new material to post —

  • details of a camping trip filled with meals one usually does not bother to cook in the great outdoors like Japanese Gyoza and Fried Rice one night to Pulled Pork Chipolte Wraps with Refried Beans
  • some fun camping meals like omelets in a bag 
  •  some home entertaining and potluck  recipes used at our recent family reunion.

Stay tuned while I get back into the swing of things, find the pictures and write the posts.

It took us 13 days to move from the house we are remodelling into a rental house.  After 22 years it is amazing how much a family accumulates and we rarely buy anything anymore besides good food.  We have also purged routinely over the years.  Where does all this stuff come from?

Perhaps we are just getting old but moving everything ourselves was pure torture.  If that doesn’t inspire one to get rid of everything non-essential I don’t know what would.  All through the month of July I often felt like Steve Martin in the movie The Jerk,   “….I don’t need anything……all I need is this book, this plate….oh and this lamp…but I don’t need anything else…..”

Actually what I do need is a computer because of course mine decided to die in the middle of the chaos.

After moving our stuff but not unpacking most of it, we  packed for both a camping trip and a family reunion.  Both of which were made more interesting by the wide variety of personalities being thrown together.  The camping trip had 28 moms and kids all with varying visions of what the trip should be and the reunion brought together 32 family members with different agendas.  Thankfully the majority are good natured, fun-loving people.

The recipes are forthcoming, check back in a few days.

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