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Gluten Free Wild Ginger, Graduation Night

by Karen on June 2nd, 2010

What an absolutely amazing dinner!

I cannot express how wonderful it was for 12 family members to dine at Wild Ginger in Seattle and have every gluten free dish taste incredible.  Every person on staff was attentive and bent over backwards to help accomodate our needs.  And everything was so delicious we left wanting much more.

I thought I had it all covered by ordering everything in advance to accomodate our gluten free diet and was surprised to learn that we had two guests who also had to avoid peanuts and shellfish, they had kept their allergies quiet all these years.  The staff at Wild Ginger didn’t miss a beat. They made some quick changes and easily accomodated the other needs. 

This dinner was celebrating our daughters’ graduation and of course, I failed to take any pictures that night of the food but I managed to get this one of the Black Pepper Scallops.

Black Pepper Scallops, Wild Ginger

Each plate that was brought to our table was a flavor sensation and since I wasn’t taking notes I can’t tell you specifics about each dish aside from the fact that every bite made me want another.  Our family will be talking about this meal for quite some time and for a bunch of food crazy people that is saying a lot.  Wild Ginger has cooking gluten free completely figured out.

Our Gluten Free Menu at Wild Ginger

Our gluten free choices included the scallops which were a special that day and the following dishes:

Seafood Thai Noodles–fresh wide rice noodles, wok fried with scallops, prawns, squid, and mussels in a light tamari sauce with hints of basil and chili.

Thai Chicken Satay-chicken minced with green curry paste, fresh coconut, lime leaves and fried shallots served with a green curry sauce for dipping.

Bangkok Boar-Kurobuta pork grilled and served with golden raisin plum sauce.

Siam Lettuce Cup-a salad made with morsels of grilled fish with roasted peanuts, Thai basil, lime juice, chili and tamarind on butter lettuce leaves.  This went so fast we should have ordered a few more.

Phoenix Salad–thinly sliced cabbage, shredded chicken, red onion, carrots, ground peanuts, and herbs with a slightly spicy dressing.   A unique salad of which  I didn’t get to have enough.

Panang Beef Curry-slices of marinated flank steak served in a Thai curry of cardamom, coconut milk, Thai basil and fresh pounded peanuts.

Kung Pao Chicken–wok fried with garlic, peanuts, red and green bell peppers, onions, chiles, and soy sauce (wheat-free tamari for us)

Tuna Manada-Sashimi grade Ahi tuna in spicy Indonesian candlenut sauce with lemongrass and coconut milk.

Sichuan Green Beans–wok fried in wheat free tamari and chili.

There are probably other gluten free options but I picked out dishes I thought would be GF and Jennifer, the general manager, suggested a few more. 

We also had fantastic white and red wines to accompany.

Wild Ginger has been voted by Zagat as the #1 most popular restaurant in the Pacific Northwest for 11 consecutive years and is included in their Best Restaurants of the World.  It is also a James Beard Award Winner featuring food from the eastern Pacific Rim from China to Indonesia and Malaysia to Vietnam. 

Not only was it an unforgetable meal but the service was outstanding.  Great credit goes to Jennifer, she knows first hand what it is like to be on a special diet since she is allergic to several foods as well, definately give her a call when you are planning an important dinner occasion.

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  1. Stephanie Newby permalink

    I also had a wonderful experience at Wild Ginger recently. They asked how sensitive my allergy was, told me how my food would be prepared to avoid contamination, and made several suggestions. It was the most attententive waitstaff experience I’ve ever had. To know that the people there were looking out for me gave me peace of mind to eat my food without worrying I’d feel sick later.

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