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Spring Rolls, a gluten free Lunch

by Karen on February 25th, 2010

I recently attended a Teen Advocates with Gluten Sensitivities group event at the PCC Greenlake store.  The group hosted a gluten free cooking class for younger children and they helped the children read labels while learning how to shop for gluten-free food.  It was a fun event. In between the planned activities the kids, teens, and parents shared ideas for the daily lunchtime dilemma.

From that sharing I learned of two new products (new to me anyway) and the whole purpose of gluten free blogs is to pass those great ideas along. I was so excited to add some new additions into our lunch routine that I gave a copy of my digital book to one of the teens with a “winning” idea.  I was excited to see an 18-year old sharing her ideas with the others in the group as she helped us think of new ways to cook gluten free.

Spring Roll ingredients, tofu, carrots, peppers and bok choy

The first is something I have always known about (Spring Roll wrappers) but wasn’t sure if they were truly gluten-free. (I am still not 100% sure, but for my 18-year old asymptomatic daughter it is a risk she wants to take.)  The package we purchased calls the wrappers Spring Roll Skins and the ingredients are tapioca flour, water and salt. They are from Vietnam so there is no way to call and find out if there is any cross contamination in the factory. Maybe someone can comment on this and let us know more…..

This morning I made some tofu veggie spring rolls and packed them for her lunch.  Though my daughter informed me that without Hoisin sauce they aren’t quite the same as what she buys at her favorite Pho restaurant….and I am sure that their Hoisin sauce is not GF either, thus my motivation for making these at home.

If anyone has a good recipe for GF Hoisin sauce please send it my way. Instead I will serve them with a plum jam and maybe that will suffice. Today I heated up peanut butter with some Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce for dipping.

The spring roll wrappers are brittle in the package, just soak each one in some hot water in a large flat bowl, carefully lift it out of the water to a plate, place a long strip of tofu down the middle and flank it with your choice of some thinly sliced carrots or sweet peppers, lettuce, sprouts, bean threads etc. then fold up each end towards the filling and roll it up carefully and firmly.  For warming the wrappers, I boiled a tea kettle of water and continued to warm up the water in the large flat bowl.  If you make about 6 of them you will need to do this to keep the water hot enough as you assemble them. You want the wrapper to be quite soft, otherwise, it won’t taste right or stay together.

Rice Wrappers for Spring Rolls

The second thing we learned about at that meeting were the new Teff wraps made by La Tortilla Factory. They have both Ivory and Dark Teff wraps and in big letters across the package it says Sonoma Gluten Free Wheat Free Wraps.  So glad they do that so it is easy to spot them in the grocery store.  PCC Natural Markets in Washington and Whole Foods carry them as do many other natural food markets across the country.  So far we have steamed them (critical step) and spread cream cheese and thinly sliced turkey over them and rolled them up.  The best part is this can be done the night before.  My plan is to have cooked brown rice on hand and various chopped up fresh veggies to place inside.  Other ideas include refried beans or black beans.  The wraps are also great for chicken salad.

I have a free copy of my digital book that I will give out to the best lunch idea submitted before February 28th. Thank you for stopping by….Karen

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