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Cooking Gluten-Free!
A food lover's collection of recipes without gluten or wheat is back!

Gluten free cooking is a great challenge and sifting through the maze of gluten-free recipes on the Internet, searching for excellence, can be frustrating and time consuming. Order the new digital book on CD-ROM now which features every page of the hardcover book in easy to print PDF format.

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Sep 27 14

New Inspiration

by Karen



Just before the recent International Food Bloggers Conference I took a food photography class….just to check it out….see what I could learn….did I need a new camera?…..and as I look at the detail of the cookies above…. the answer is yes ……all the nooks and crannies pop out with visible grains of sugar,  you can get so close with a macro lens.  Now I want to take pictures of everything!

The conference is always inspiring, each year we get refocused (Ha!)  to improve in some way.  This year that inspiration came mostly through some new friends and some that I met last year at IFBC.

Karin from Special Needs Travel Mom and Laurie from Gluten Free Yummy are both warm and friendly, each is very genuine in their approach to life and the people around them (and their blogs have lots of valuable info).

I had so much fun walking with them to the Seattle Pike Place Market that I suffered through walking down 5 blocks from the hotel and back (uphill) in the silly red patent leather heels I was wearing.  It’s been sneakers and band-aids since!

–so worth it though for some GF treats from Coffee & A Specialty Bakery.  Tonyia and Dedrick work so hard in recipe development and baking the best eclairs and cinnamon rolls and other pastries, if you are gluten intolerant this is a no-miss Seattle destination.  Evidently the burgeoning cruise line business is keeping this bakery hopping all summer.

And Janelle from Farmstr was at IFBC this year as a sponsor.  Over the past year or so I have watched her bring this company to fruition, it’s an exciting time.  She grew up on a dairy farm and understands all that goes into running a successful farm.  She is passionate about bringing fresh farm products to customers with Farmstr . Janelle also has a food blog Talk of Tomatoes follow this link to learn more about how Farmstr has come together.


Sep 17 14

IFBC 2014….in just a few days

by Karen



  read more…

Aug 19 14

Food Photography Class in Seattle

by Karen
courtesy Aran Goyoaga

courtesy Aran Goyoaga


With the cooler mornings and the knowledge that only a few weeks of summer remain, I tend to start something new at this time of year.
It’s a fresh beginning, a new school year for my son and for my graduated daughter— a new job and moving out with roommates.

My renewal comes in the form of a food photography class AND I will be getting a new camera. read more…

Aug 19 14

Sautéed Cauliflower

by Karen


sauteed to perfection cauliflower

sauteed with red pepper flakes, capers, salt and olive oil


This year marks my first harvest of cauliflower.  We have become fanatics for sautéed cauliflower. read more…

Jul 7 14

The Best Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake

by Karen

For years we have served pound cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream. But……..
I have spent the past few days experimenting with recipes to make Strawberry Shortcake.
This recipe offers a true biscuit that does not fall apart.
Shortcake is commonly a rich biscuit–this recipe fits that description. read more…

May 26 14

Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

by Karen

the perfect balance of tart and sweet


We are at peak season for rhubarb!!

A crumble is the easiest way to add an elegant dessert to a dinner party menu.  To serve, top this with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and place onto an oven-safe plate for serving (ramekin is warm). read more…

Apr 5 14

Gluten Free Popover Recipes

by Karen

Made with Erin The Sensitive Epicure's recipe

Popovers are a great way to add bread into a meal.

I did a post on popovers earlier but it was long winded.
So here is a repost with a link to the recipe for the standard size popover shown above.

read more…

Apr 3 14

Coffee and Specialty Bakery—1500 Western Avenue, Seattle

by Karen

Coffee and Specialty Bakery Seattle


Last week my son was home for spring break so we decided to visit Coffee and Specialty Bakery on Western Avenue, (the street just below the Pike Place Market).  It’s a dedicated gluten free bakery with a focus on pastries in the European style: Palmiers, Baguettes, Eclairs, Cinnamon rolls.

Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

I met the owner Tanya who trained at the Seattle Culinary Academy.  read more…

Mar 27 14

Gluten Free Asheville, North Carolina

by Karen

Historic Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina


On a recent trip to Asheville to stay at the historic Grove Park Inn, my daughter and I used Celiac Central’s list of gluten free restaurants for dining out.  These restaurants have at least one person on staff that has completed training on safe practices for gluten free food prep.  At my daughters’ request we did not ask further questions before ordering items marked GF on their menus.  Though she was not glutened in any of the restaurants, if you have any concerns you may want to ask further questions.

Gluten Free Dining in Asheville, North Carolina

After three days in Chapel Hill to check out the UNC grad program, we drove  3  1/2 hours to Asheville and arrived after the lunch hour ready to try the Creperie Bouchon.  Thankfully they had a sandwich board on the sidewalk directing us to an interior courtyard behind the buildings. Their address is 62 1/8 Lexington Ave  (we wondered what it meant to be located at 1/8–we figured it was like the platform in Harry Potter that would take us to Hogwarts)! read more…

Mar 19 14

Gluten Free Chapel Hill, North Carolina

by Karen

photo from


This will be a two-part post featuring some amazing food opportunities awaiting you in North Carolina.

We start in Chapel Hill  (center of state) and end in Asheville (west side of state overlooking Blue Ridge Mountains). read more…